Cinema Review – Captain Marvel

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The big hit comic book Marvel movie of the month was the aptly titled Captain Marvel. There is some controversy around this movie but none of that matters, this is just a review of the movie itself.
We begin with the cast. The people that were cast for this movie comprised of a pretty strong list. The title character was played by Brie Larson who is a well established actress. To her side, as kind of a partner character, you had Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Jackson is arguably one of the most well known names in Hollywood.
Then, as the antagonist, you have Jude Law who is another well established actor. These three big names carry the movie and do so well. Out of all the performances Jackson’s was by far the best. He basically had the chance to hone his character over the whole franchise. Also, the CGI effects they used to de-age his character were very effective.
Larson’s performance was pretty okay. It wasn’t the best but I think she did the best she could with the character she was given who didn’t have much of a personality in the comics.
Then we have the side pieces of visual effects and music. The music in the movie was, unfortunately, very generic and forgettable. Every now and then they would sprinkle in older songs and those were a welcome addition.
However, the visuals were amazing. The CGI they used on Fury and the cat in the movie were extremely believable. Then the effects they used for Captain Marvel’s powers were amazing. The colors were so vibrant and made me feel the power.
Now, a spoiler free review of the story. Nothing too important as it is just the origin story of Captain Marvel. It is a pretty formulaic story of a hero battling between what side they need to be on and the conclusion was satisfactory enough to not make me mad.
Now Spoiler Talk.
At the beginning, it is shown she [Larson] is on the planet Hala, a Kree planet. It gives the impression that she likes that place and thinks they are the good guys. Unless you don’t watch the Marvel movies and this is your first one you already know that the Kree are bad, as they are the villains of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. So the twist of the movie does not really come as a surprise. The twist that the Kree are the bad guys and the Shape Shifting Skrull are the good guys.
Another aspect of the movie, that is not as important, is the realization that Captain Marvel, who starts out by being called Veers, is actually a human who was born and raised on earth as Carol Danvers. This part was made not important as everything written and shown about the movie beforehand already reveals this.
These two main plot points are made disappointing as they are already known. That is the biggest issue I have with the movie.
One thing I love is the cat named Goose is being loved on by Fury the whole movie as a cute little kitty. Towards the end it is revealed that the cat is a monster alien who shoots tentacles out of its mouth. It is just amazing.
Another element of the story I liked is when it was revealed how Nick Fury got his eye patch. It is lead on to be the product of a car crash purposely done when he gets in a car fight with a Skrull. It turns out to be the product of an alien cat scratch.
Overall, the movie is just fine. It gets some things right and some things wrong. It is just another average Marvel movie and I would be so fine giving this movie a rewatch.
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