Talent at Peace

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When it comes to bringing talent onto campus, whether it be comedy shows, magicians, singers, or anything else we always know to expect a great time. The entertainment that is introduced to our campus makes an new experience for students they can have along with the rest of the WPU community.
CAB also known as Campus Activities Board helps plan events on campus. Their mission reads, “a student led organization that plans activities which provide educational and social experiences to further connect the Pacer community. Through new & engaging opportunities, our aim is to cultivate a positive environment inclusive of people from all backgrounds while upholding the core values of William Peace University.”
When it comes to talent coming to campus there are many decisions that are discussed to see what students would like to see on campus more. What also comes into mind is how can  diversity be included to incorporate all students in our community.
Many of the talent that has been to the WPU community has made such a huge impact when it comes to inviting more artist to our campus. There are many students that enjoys the talent that is brought to them; which allows us to better provide programs that can be enjoyed by the whole community.
Even if some of the programs that are introduced to the campus are interesting and intriguing there are times when they are not as interesting to most because of topics that are discussed or touched at the time of the performance.
Take for instance comedy shows. Comedy shows are meant for laughter, jokes and about general events in their life or sometimes people in the audience. Some jokes that are pointed at people in the audience are not as funny as they were initially supposed to be. It takes a negative turn but hopefully the event team learns from their mistakes.
There are good shows and bad ones, and personally, coming from my experience, you learn from past events to better improve future ones that people can enjoy. That is what CAB strives to do: have events that are memorable to students and people around them where they can also go and make new friends.
Coming together as a community is what WPU campus aims to have along with their students enjoying the time that they are having here on campus. The organizations such as CAB are providing campus events to better improve the community participation of all.