Funding Your Degree

Student looking at apps to help with funding for college

On Thursday, March 21, William Peace University announced a tuition increase via email. The increase of $1,740 is fueled by the developments that will be made in the university, as per President Ralph’s strategic plan, and will include:
-Renovations to the Library.
-Construction of a new Center for Immersive Learning on the second floor of Finch library.
-A BA in Sport and Fitness Studies program.
-A partnership for off-campus housing with Village Green, beginning Fall 2019.
-And other additional amenities to add to the WPU experience.
While the email stated that “We will be awarding more than $9,000,000 in institutional financial aid to our current and incoming students this fall – the largest amount in the last five years,” many Peace students repeatedly find themselves in a situation where they are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils; go further into debt to continue their education, or drop out because they simply cannot afford it. It doesn’t have to be this way.
Many of us are trained to look for scholarships when it comes to getting into college, but many of us also neglect to continue applying for scholarships while we are in school. There are scholarships out there for all types of students, and here are the three best databases for finding them.
App? Yes
Fastweb is one of the largest scholarship databases out there. The flow and functionality of the website allow the user to put in their academic and demographic information and have scholarships that apply to them sorted and sent directly to their inbox. The organization of the site is student-friendly, and on every scholarship, offers the options of ‘Interested’, ‘Applied’, ‘Not Interested’ and ‘Won’, for sorting options on the website.
Through gathering scholarships related to your GPA, interest, parents, and community involvement, every scholarship that Fastweb sends to you is applicable to that student in particular, which saves a lot of time (as other sites often have you sift through qualifications). There is also a mobile app.
2. Cappex
App? No
Cappex is another scholarship database, with a larger range than Fastweb, and search accessibility. It differs from Fastweb in that it partners with specific universities to look for specific scholarships for the user. While most of the functionality of the site is designed for incoming freshman, or people looking to go to specific schools, there are still a plethora of scholarships that work for many students and their particular demographic.
App? Yes was founded in 1998, and remains to be one of the largest services on the web; it differs from other services though, in that it gives users the option of submitting a scholarship that they have found. This populates the list that each user gets with scholarships that are not only based on their demographic and academic information, but also with scholarships that are brought in from community members, and special interest groups. With over 16 million users, is one of the best sites that can be used to find scholarships, both local and international.
Through scholarships, the price of private education can be more attainable. There are also grants, a work-study program, and private and governmental loans, that can offset the cost of college for many students.

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