Purpose @Peace: Find Jobs, Find Clubs, Free Swag and Free Snacks

Balloons in an arch, with tables behind them, with a guy standing in front.

Struggling to find your place on campus? Want to talk with professors about potential majors? Maybe looking for an internship or starting to think about a job for after graduation? Peace has got you covered. 
The Center for Student Success has organized the event Purpose @ Peace for all students to connect with the campus community. The event will take place on the main lawn Tuesday, Sept. 10 from 11:30 to 2 p.m.
Organizer Kasha Klinegores, director of advising services, said this is her first year putting together Purpose @ Peace. Prior to this, different events for internships, jobs and majors were separately put on throughout the year.
“The idea was to combine all that into one,” said Klinegores. “So as a student you could go to one place and get information about all these opportunities you have on and off campus.”
Come Tuesday, the lawn will be buzzing with students, faculty, staff and community members providing opportunities to get involved on and off campus. If you’re interested in theatre, 15Below theatre troupe will be there. If you’re interested in politics, Student Government Association will be there. If you want to get more details on a specific major, professors will be there. Like waffles? Waffle House will be there and word on the street is they pay handsomely. 
Oh, did we mention there will be free snacks, swag and prizes? 
College is all about exploring, learning, growing and now is the chance to create the experience you want at Peace and beyond. 
“You can really get out of it what you want,” said Klinegores. 

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