College Tips & Advice

Being proactive with studies

Every new adventure in life can be difficult in the beginning, and that’s normal. For a lot of people, a new adventure for them is college because it’s a new place, surrounded by new people, new things, and it’s just a whole new atmosphere. Here’s some college tips and advice to help anyone who’s still getting into the swing of things or at least trying to while at college.
Be Proactive. College definitely teaches one how to make sure things get done before-hand and to not wait until the last minute. The goal is to always make sure to have everything set and in order so it won’t be something to worry about later on. For example, there’s a test happening next week, so be proactive and make sure to study before the test to ensure a good grade. Imagine studying and cramming for the test that exact day. That wouldn’t be so pretty, so it’s best to learn how to be proactive. 
Time Management. School work, extracurricular activities, friends, and family can all get crazy and sometimes overwhelming to deal with all at once, so time management is key. The top tip to help with time management would be to prioritize. An idea would be to make a list and decide and plan how much time to spend on each thing on that list. The days can be different, so sometimes something may require more attention than the other. Making a list can help and give an idea of what the top priority should be for that particular day.
Stay Organized. Things can get hectic sometimes, so staying organized can really help. Something that really helps with staying organized is having a planner. Having a planner gives the opportunity to write down and remember what might otherwise be forgotten. It’s something that’s good to look back at in case of forgetting what might’ve been said was due for the next class by a professor. Writing things down isn’t the only option though. Utilizing cell-phones and updating digital calendars or reminders regularly is just as effective. Anything that will help to stay organized can definitely help majorly when in college. 
Enjoy the Experience. Now this may sound super cliche, but making sure to enjoy the college experience is one of the most important tips. Time waits for no one, and typically one only experiences college once. This being the case, make sure to enjoy it to the fullest by meeting new people, getting involved, and taking advantage of the whole experience. Although it’s good to stay on top of school and work, that doesn’t mean to not have a little fun in-between. Some advice would be to maybe form a study group, so that this way studying and getting to know new people is happening all at once. 
College can be a different experience for everyone who goes through it. Don’t worry, it will all continue to get easier, after all, at the end of the day it is all just a learning experience.

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