Vaping is Not Safe

vape (Demo)

Vaping has become a huge hit in today’s society. Vaping is an electronic cigarette or  e-cigarette that is supposed to get people away from smoking tobacco products. A few popular vapes to name are Blu, Juul, and Mig 21 clear fusion. 
Ever since vaping came to the surface, it has taken off and become extremely popular, coming out with different flavors and also other e-cigarettes with different names. But lately vaping hasn’t been the safest thing to do if you are trying to quit smoking habits. 
Since vaping has come out, it has backfired with reports showing that vaping is not as safe as originally planned to be. People who vape have since gotten their face almost blown up, seats in their car burnt with a hole in it, have become addicted to vaping 24/7, and are in hospitals with life threatening illnesses. 
Vaping is supposed to be more safe, but lately it has caused major risks to people’s health and parents want it off the shelf. Kids under the age of being legal to buy tobacco products are the ones getting hooked on vapes and becoming addicted to it. 
Vaping has even been taken to schools and college campuses. It is not uncommon to sit in class and watch students vape. Being in college, it’s almost normal to walk by someone and see a blow of smoke come from their mouth. It seems that practically everyone vapes. 
According to John Hopkins Medicine, electronic cigarettes are just as dangerous to your health as traditional cigarettes. Both forms of the hobby have quantities of nicotine, causing them to be addictive and harmful to people’s health. 
Since e-cigarettes have become normalized amongst youth, it has become evident that they are much more popular than cigarettes ever were, causing alarm in previous generations as well as current. 
The impact that vaping leaves on people’s overall well-being is yet to be completely discovered, but with the recent health studies that have been released as well as the simple facts concerning vapes, it should be evident that they are not safe.

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