Answers to campus parking questions

By Destinie Harrington 

Video by Lizzie Harrington

Many students feel that parking at Peace has always been crazy, especially for commuters. Parking has become even  more limited since the university sold its land in the Seaboard Station complex, which had some parking spaces used by students. 

Take Endeja Carter, a Peace junior and a commuter, who walked out to her car after a day of classes and saw a ticket on her car from the city because she parked on the street near campus. She felt that trying to find a parking spot is difficult enough and getting a ticket does not make it any better. 

Even students who parking passes complain that there are not enough parking spaces due to the parking lot being shared by students and staff.  

Peace junior, Kia Randle, said that she lives in the student housing and doesn’t even want to risk getting a ticket, so she car pools with her friends that have class at the same time as her. Many may say you can easily take the shuttle to avoid getting tickets and trouble finding a parking spot, but what if you have work after class, or have a huge gap in between classes and don’t want to be stuck at school that long? 

Lizzie Harrington gathered some answers for students about parking concerns on campus in this video news story. She answered some questions pertaining to parking tickets and where to park on certain days with the most ease. Check it out and less us know what you think on social media.