All Things Voting: Registering and the “Why”

By Brian Martinez and Victoria Mims

The 2020 Presidential election is slowly creeping up and the country is preparing for one of the most important elections in American history. With over 7 million North Carolinians registered to vote, there are still 3 million citizens who have not registered.

There has been a strong push on social media and around campus for students to register for the 2020 election, which will be held on Nov. 3. College students hold a big chunk of citizens that are able to vote. Having the voices of the younger generation heard in the 2020 election can shape the future for the current college students once they are out in the world.

It is very important for college students to have their voices heard in the election because they have the power to make a difference in how the United States is run. College students are usually first time voters so it is a big milestone for those students who are recently 18 years or older.   

Registering to vote is a step that can sometimes be forgotten or cause confusion. Registering is the first step in voting in an election. There are many resources that can help students make sure they are registered to vote in the upcoming election. 

A good resource for college students to register or check that they are registered is YouCanVote.Org. The website is designated to give students the opportunity to check if they are registered and to register if not. It focuses on helping students get registered to vote by giving students the rundown step-by-step on what they have to do. 

Actually voting works similar to the registering to vote process. You can do so through mail, on election day at an assigned polling place, or at a one-stop early voting site. Though, during this time social distancing will be taking place, everyone will be wearing masks, there will be hand sanitizer availability, and many other precautions. 

So you may be asking or wondering, “why should I vote?” Well, it’s easy to think that your vote won’t matter or it’s “nothing” compared to the millions of others who may be voting. But, at least you will have the chance to know and say that you made some impact and helped in some way. Also, it’s your right to vote and you should try to embrace that as much as possible. Remember, it’s better to do something than nothing at all. 

Before just going in the polls and voting though, it’s good to do some research before-hand and read up on political issues and then figure out which route you want to take. Also, there are ways to volunteer if you’re adamant about a particular candidate getting elected. 

If you’re not registered to vote yet or have been indecisive about doing so, hopefully you’ve found out more ways to do so through this article.

Remember, “There’s no such thing as a vote that doesn’t matter. It all matters.” -Barack Obama