Phantom’s Jam Halloween Playlist

Welcome to Phantom’s Jams! Our Beloved mascot Phantom has a pretty awesome name for this season, so we decided to dive into his playlist for this time. Join us as Phantom shows us some of his favorite songs for this fun Spooky Time!

  • Spooky scary Skeletons by Andrew Gold

The best way to start off Phantom’s Spooky Jams is with Scary Skeletons! Ever since he was a young foul he would prance to the beat of this song. Pretending to be dancing with his own group of skeleton friends.

  • Oogie Boogie’s Song by Nightmare Before Christmas

Phantom is a massive fan of his best friend Oogie Boogie, and his song makes him groove. Just like Oogie Boogie they can’t help getting into the swing of Halloween. All tricks and some Treats make him super excited. Plus, Oggie is a brilliant cook.

  • Friends on The Other Side by Princess and the Frog

Phantom loves to dance along to the wicked beat of his buddy the Shadowman. While Oogie and Shadowman don’t get along too well (Oggie thinks Shadowman is taking his thunder on the shadowy thing) Phantom loves when Shadowman shows off his talents.

  • Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Phantom LOVES this song, I mean, it is his name. His costume will always be a go to Phantom, even if people say it’s not as spooky because of his four legs. He sings this song in the shower, on the way to campus, and even in his head as he guards the courtyard in front of belk. Too bad they don’t sell masks to fit his face.

  • Earth, Wind, Fire & Air by Moon Sisters

Let’s be honest here, Phantom is a nostalgic horse. He misses What’s New Scooby Doo, and his all time crush has to be Thorn from Hex Girls. So he has to have this on all of his playlists!

  • The Ballad of Sara Berry by 35MM

Phantom enjoys the storytelling through this song! It is a catchy tune with a fun dark story and interesting plot! Be careful of Sara Berry!

  • The Whole ‘Being Dead’ Thing by Beetlejuice Musical

Phantom may not be dead, but he sure can love this demon Beetlejuice! He enjoys pretty much all of this quirky and energetic musical, but he adores the sarcasm of this song especially. Perfect for spooky times.

  • There will be Blood by Kim Petras

Phantom enjoys this song due to the beat. It is more Pop related and modern, he enjoys the Halloween edgy vibes but still can jam to it any day. Except for maybe Pacer day… Got to keep it PG ya know?

  • Monster Mash by Bobby ‘Boris’ Picket

Phantom adores the Monster Mash, he loves to dance with his Ghouls and shake up the room. He may be old fashioned on the Transylvania Twist but that’s okay, Boris sent him.

  • Put it Straight (Nightmare Version)  by (G)I-dle

I had to have this K-pop song from a group of fantastic women! The creepy effects and soft voice draws you in before they unleash insane vocals and stun you in silence! The video for this is fantastic, I recommend it!.