WPU Communications Multimedia Editing Class

By Endeja Carter

The William Peace University communications department offers many communication classes. The communication program has many professors that specialize in different focuses for students. Multimedia Editing is one of the many classes that is only offered in the fall semester every year. The University has done a great job of finding a professor who teaches this class that has great knowledge in the area.

Mark Brumbark is an Owner and Executive Producer for a company called Shoreline Video Production Inc. He is also an Adjunct at WPU that teaches the Multimedia Editing course.

Mark explains his knowledge with editing and how he started this line of work. 

“Since I’ve been on my own, I continue to learn and grow and discover new ways to help people tell their stories. My production company stays lean so that keeps my overhead low.  I scale up and down based on the size and scope of each project, and it’s worked well for me. I love what I do and I get a charge out of learning about the latest products and ideas that help promote,” said Mark Brumbark.

“Brumback is a great fit for the WPU communications program. I watch how he helps his students explore how they can leverage special technologies to teach concepts, assess learning, and prepare students for success as digital communicators which is very important,” said Maria Cortez a WPU Junior.

The WPU communications program bought a licensed program which is called Adobe’s suite of creative that has multiple programs for students to use. The students get instant access for free as well as courses, workshops, teaching materials, and more. The Adobe Education program is a free learning platform and community that offers video content where students use concepts in a visual narrative. 

Students in the Multimedia Editing class have been using Adobe’s suite of creative apps which make it easier than ever to communicate digitally. While working with this program the students in this class are learning storytelling. Using this digital tool helps them to create digital stories and better presentations.

By Endeja Carter

In the process of working with the program students also get experience exploring apps such as Adobe Spark, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, Adobe Character Animator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Premiere. These programs demonstrate how to make instructive recordings and make lovely learning assets for print and screen.

The students in the Multimedia Editing course recently had to complete a project using Premiere Pro which is one of the programs in Adobe’s suite of creative apps. The purpose of this project was to show how messages can be manipulated to fit a narrative.

Students had the opportunity to choose shots from the sources that were provided to them to create one Pro and one Con TV ad for a fictional candidate.  The goal was to get students to pay attention to how powerful the role is of an editor in telling the target audience a message.

Students were also allowed to use free shots from Pexels or other free sources. They had  sources, graphics, and sound effects if they felt it was needed. They also had to add color correction and the voiceover files which were provided as well.

“Overall, I felt that this project was a great idea for the students in the class to get a better understanding of the new program, and was able to better prepare them for more projects similar to this in the future,” said Brumback.

If you’re a student attending WPU and you haven’t decided on a major yet do not hesitate to try out this class to increase your skills and readiness in the communication department.