Students consider presidential options

By Christian Ponce

A lot has happened this past year and William Peace University students have different opinions on what direction to take our country and how Tuesday’s election will play out in the coming days and weeks.

“It’s like picking between two bad options, but I don’t like how the current president has handled things so I voted the other way,” said Jason Lassiter, an SGD major at WPU. “If Trump wins it will be four more years of whatever he is doing and if Biden wins it will be four years of something different. I guess we’ll find out who wins soon enough so we’ll see.”

Colton Jackson is a criminal justice major who is often eager to voice his thoughts on hot topics. 

“I didn’t predict how close this election would really be,” Jackson said. “The fact that we still don’t know who won the next day is crazy to me. But not really surprising I guess with mail-in ballots being bigger this year. I was really surprised by the vote, particularly in Texas. A part of me was expecting it to go blue this year, but even though it didn’t it was still impressive to see the early vote numbers. Hopefully, people on both sides keep cool heads and respect the results of the election. I just think that a super close election like this is a nightmare scenario for civil unrest.”