Digital Media Convergence class review

By Marketta Bennett

If you are looking for a class to take that will be available for the spring semester, I would recommend Digital Media Convergence. This class is very active, informative, and hands-on. 

Digital Media Convergence is a 3-credit class that will be held in Pressely 303. According to the Course Catalog on MyPacernet, this class will be held on Monday and Wednesday from 2:20 PM to 3:35 PM.

This class is an in-person class because the type of material that is done has to be in person. Taking this class online would not be beneficial to students, nor help them for future references. 

“I like how students had the ability to learn the program iMovie overtime by learning storytelling,” said Endeja Carter, a senior at William Peace.

Photo by Marketta Bennett

The class is not the only thing that is good. The professor, Roger Christman, takes the time to elaborate on all the necessary information and even jokes around with the class from time to time. 

“The professor for the class made sure that the students had all the necessary components and materials they needed for the class to make it easier for them,” said Carter. “I would definitely recommend this class because it is fun and you get a lot of hands-on experience.”

Professor Christman will work with you inside and outside of class. For extra help, I would recommend staying after class if you and Professor Christman are able to or go to his office during hours. This class requires you to read chapters and elaborate on the information you learned from the reading to the projects and in-class discussions. 

“Taking this class helped me use a program called iMovie I never used before,” said Walter Brown, a junior at WPU. “I was even able to assist my other classmates with this iMovie.”

Digital Media Convergence will allow students to combine their skills with technology and their artistic abilities with different types of equipment. It will also allow students to create content for their portfolio’s for later in the year.

This class will require you to purchase your own SD card for future projects that will be held outside of class. These projects will help you get engaged with your classmates as well as with the equipment that will be provided. 

“Mr. Christman is one of those teachers that actually enjoy doing his job and I feel that is very important to students like me because if a professor is not engaged with their work, then there will be less participation throughout the course,” said Agi Ngie, a WPU graduate.

Being that I am a Communication major with a concentration in Graphic Design, this class was very interesting and helpful. This class will give you an opportunity to learn various terms for certain concepts and equipment.

“This class was a good start to learning how a camera works and hot to use a camera during things like movie takes, broadcasting, and taking pictures,” said Walter Brown.

Being in this class helped me get a sense of what real news anchors, photographers, and other digital media professionals do. For example, in this class, students will have to make multiple commercials using different techniques that are taught throughout the course.

These commercials, or projects, will have students step outside the box to create interesting visual appearances. 

It is also offered in the Fall semester so if this class sounds like a good fit for you, sign up for it, you’ll like it!