WPU Cancels Shuttles For Students

By Endeja Carter

The ideal of shuttle services at Universities empowers students to get up, and jump on the shuttle instead of driving to class, then across campus on foot to make it to class on time.

The main reason most Universities offer shuttle services for students is for convenience. Other reasons included: time, accessibility, and parking availability.

In any case, if students acknowledge it, the most significant help shuttle services give is wellbeing. They are an advantageous and dependable way for students to get around campus around evening time, especially on the off chance that they are alone and separated from everyone else.

William Peace University for many years in the past used to offer shuttle services for the upperclassmen students who lived off-campus. The shuttle services were offered to help out students who needed transportation to and from the University. The school offered two shuttle buses for the students that would operate on a timely basis throughout the week. 

Just before the spring semester ended last year, the University announced that it decided to cancel its shuttle services for the students. Their decision to cancel the shuttle is because they realized not enough students were using the shuttle regularly.

They also believed that most students were using their cars to get them to and from school. Once the University announced that they canceled the shuttle services for the students for the upcoming year, there were a lot of students complaining about this situation.

Most of the students that we’re complaining about the cancellation of the shuttle services were students who didn’t have cars. These students are still upset about the transition they had to make due to this cancellation of the shuttle buses.

“I had to change around my whole living situation due to me not having a vehicle for school. I had to move back on campus and live in the dorm halls instead of off-campus in the apartments where I would normally feel more comfortable in my own space,” said Junior Julia Benitez.

To help students feel safe and secure at school, there are normally services such as a shuttle to allow them to live wherever they want so that they feel comfortable.

However, the University has many other ways students can feel comfortable and be where they would like to be without the shuttle services.

“At first, I was upset about the school’s decision to cancel the shuttle because I was using the shuttle regularly. Now it can be a little risky to drive to and from school, every day simply because of traffic and a lot of other factors play a part in this. However, I have accepted the fact that COVID is present, and riding the shuttle there would probably be a lot of restrictions that I would have to get adjusted to,” said Senior Tiffany Brizuela.

Now and again many people question the Universities decision to cancel the shuttle services. However, with all that is happening especially with the pandemic present, it would be harder to put rules in place for riders if the shuttle was available.

William Peace University has explained that the school “prides itself on helping good students become great students, and great students become even better. Helping everyone in our community, we have identified a wide range of services to enable all students to reach their full potential”.

WPU will make it possible for all the students to feel comfortable and at home so they can have a great college experience without a shuttle. If it is brought to the school’s attention more about the idea to bring the shuttle back to campus the staff responsible will certainly be open to arranging meetings.

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