Harris VP pic is historic for women

By Destinie Harrington

As many may know, the perspective of women changed on August 11, 2020, when Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as vice president to run alongside him for the 2020 presidential election. For women, this changed our lives in the history books forever because we have a woman of color running for vice president. 

We have had some remarkable moments thus far. One of them was in 2009 when we had the first African-American president in the White House, and also the first African-American first lady for eight years straight. 

We as women have finally made a stamp in the history books when it comes to having a leading spot in what we call a man’s world. Harris has set a bar for many women to put their best foot forward and fight for what they want even if it’s considered a “man’s job.” 

“ I feel that this is a great moment not only for her being the first woman but also for all women around the world,” said India Jones. “It’s almost as if it gives us a message pushing us to do tasks that we think are impossible just because society or man tells us that it isn’t so.”

“I feel that for me it has made an impact on my life, especially with me being a single mother and raising two daughters and letting them know how special in history this moment is for us women. “

From hearing her perspective, I think her answer speaks on how all women feel about having a woman of color running in the election. I am happy because I remember when it happened and my father being so excited. He came up to me and said “today is the day that you women have changed and made an impact not only in the world but also in history.”

Harris has given all of us as women a voice and a purpose since she made her announcement of being Vice President, Also with  Joe Biden to be the first to give us as women a chance in the leadership role, he will definitely be a part of the history-making as well.