Washington reacts to presidential results

By Tatiana Rivera

On a recent visit to Washington, D.C. with my family, I was surprised to see more than monuments and museums. Instead, I witnessed the explosion of mixed emotions from people who lived in the area after the election results were announced.

My family and I were walking through the marine transportation exhibit at the “Smithsonian National Museum of American History” when I received a text message from a friend, telling me that Joe Biden won the election.

The news definitely caught me off guard, especially with all the delays the ballot counting kept facing those past few days. However, I would not realize just how huge the impact would be from the results until later that day. 

After we left the museum, that was when most of the action was caught.

There were multiple cars driving down Madison Dr. with their windows pulled down. People cheered from out their windows, holding out Biden Harris 2020 signs and honking their horns. 

There were people hanging around the National Mall holding up their own signs in excitement, grouping together with their friends in joy. 

It was an entire celebration for the results. There were even food trucks that parked on 14th St. who wanted to take the opportunity to thrive off the celebrating. 

This didn’t just stop at the National Mall, however. There were crowds of people in front of the entrance gate of the White House holding up signs, each with different kinds of messages written on them; all of them were directed to President Donald Trump. 

Not all of the people present in the area were too thrilled over the celebrations however. In front of the Washington Monument was a group of Trump supporters, holding up their own signs in support of Trump. 

“Four more years,” the Trump supporters chanted in unison. 

Among both those groups, there was even one man amongst all of it holding a sign and shouting “Jesus saves.”

There was definitely a lot that happened on that day, and I even consider myself lucky to have been able to witness the celebration that ensued from the results.