Holidays during the pandemic

By Marketta Bennett

As the holidays approach, COVID continues to be in the mix of people’s daily lives. Being that COVID limits a lot of things such as social gatherings, traveling options, and certain events, many families are spending their holidays differently this year.

“For this year’s holidays, it is probably just going to be spent with my immediate family instead of the entire family so we can try and start safely by social distancing,” said Kristian West, a senior at William Peace University. “I don’t think COVID caused conflict with my planning. It was just disappointing because I could gather with all of my family like we usually do.”

Many people can’t g see family because they would have to travel. As everyone knows, traveling on public transportation is very risky because people are around other people from different families, communities, states, and cities. 

“We are still planning to have our holiday festivities like usual,” said Alyssa Crowder, a junior at WPU. “It is scary though with all the COVID stuff still happening. My mother has been reminding family members to get a test before participating in the holiday festivities.”

Some large families are not having big gatherings because of COVID but will still have dinner that will require them to pick up and go. 

“This year due to the spread of COVID in my family, I will be spending Thanksgiving with my boyfriend Brandon and his family,” said Kieanna Bruiton, a junior at UNC-Greensboro. “As for Christmas, I’ll be going home probably the day of Christmas Eve. My God Mom mentions doing to go plates instead of everyone being in the house so we all won’t be in close proximity with each other.”

“COVID did bring conflicts because, for the past few days, my family has been talking about if they still want to have a regular Thanksgiving or everybody do their own thing,” said Crowder. “Obviously, that won’t be the same and it’ll be the first time we’ve ever had to do this.”

It is unpleasant and for some people during the holidays now because family plays a big part in people’s lives and now that COVID is in play, it has messed up a lot of plans with one another.

“The holidays is one of my few times I see most of my family during the year and this year will be the first year I am not able to,” said West.

“Since we are in a pandemic we can’t really have all the family here so that’s one of the conflicts with COVID and my traditional ways with holidays,” said Bruiton.

If anyone is planning to travel or be around a large group of people be safe and be cautious with their surroundings.