Game design collab class weighs In

By Christian Ponce

Game Collaborative is a class about learning to work with other students who are also majoring in Simulation and Game Design. Its main goals are to teach students how to work with others in teams and to simulate what it’s like to work for a game company. Overall the class aims to prepare students for their future in the game industry.

In the last article I wrote, I shared my personal experience in the class. This time I would like to share the opinions of other SGD majors currently in the course to give everyone a better idea of the class.

Quentin Germain offered some ideas and advice on the class. 

“It’s hard but I’m learning a lot about what goes into making a game even if it’s not a triple A-game. It’s still a lot of work, but it is rewarding,” he said. “Try to play to your strengths, like if you’re good in one area like art and looking to improve in another area, don’t be afraid to go all in.”

Jason Lassiter  said the class is a helpful bridge to the professional world. 

“It’s a great class if you know what you want to do in the industry since it lets you work on that aspect of the game,” Lassiter said. “I’d recommend figuring out what aspect of the industry you like before you go in, that way you can get straight to work.”

Xavier Snow had some issues with the pacing and creation of teams in the course. 

“The class could definitely be better. I expected most of the work would be during class but we are several weeks in now and we are just now getting to work on our game,” he said. “Know that you mostly won’t be able to pick your groups and that you will be forced to work with others you might not enjoy being around. It’s supposed to be like how things in the game industry will be.”