The New Game, Among Us

By Christian Ponce

Being trapped indoors during COVID-19 is a stressful time that affects everyone in many ways. We are all doing our best to protect ourselves and others while trying to maintain a somewhat normal life during this challenging time. 

Everyone is looking for ways to connect with friends while still maintaining social distancing guidelines to keep ourselves from going crazy from the isolation. One suggestion is to play a game called Among Us.

Among Us is a PC or mobile game and the objective is for the players to work together to figure out who among the group is the imposter before the imposter kills everyone. Players must also complete tasks and prevent the imposter from completely sabotaging the area to keep themselves and fellow crewmates alive in order to win.

The game is made up of four to ten players who are not allowed to speak until a meeting is called for a discussion. 

By Christian Ponce

The roles of imposters and crewmates are randomly assigned to each player with each game usually having one to three imposters while the remaining players are crewmates. Everyone knows only their own role and have to determine who to trust or not based on discussions.

As crewmates, players must perform tasks that are assigned to them before the imposter kills them. Each player looks similar to one another and only differs based on the color of their astronaut suits. 

If someone is murdered, players can report the body and call a meeting. At this point, everyone must debate on who the killer is and risk voting off the wrong person.

As an imposter your goal is to well… kill everyone. This objective can be done by walking up to other players and killing them with a simple button prompt. The other way to win is to sabotage the map. 

For example, the imposter can stop the oxygen flow in the map. Crewmates then have thirty seconds to fix the issue or everyone dies and loses the game. 

Being an imposter is a very tricky role, you must be careful with every action you take. For instance, imposters must be careful not to kill in front of other players, must avoid suspicion when meetings are called, blend in, and much more.

My friends and I love to play Among Us because it is always a lot of fun. We have spent some nights watching people show off their detective skills and some nights are spent watching the group fall into complete chaos when trying to decide who the imposter is. 

No matter how intense the game gets, we always have fun at the end of the day and choose to play it again and again. I strongly recommend Among Us, if you are looking for something to play with friends over the weekend.