In The Swing Of Things

By: Nick Chuisano

The year 2020 brought an end to most college-level athletics; however, 2021 is set to bring them all back and have student-athletes resume their normal schedules. 

William Peace University is set to allow all of its sports teams to start participating in practices and games after getting shut down in October. Fall sports consisting of basketball and soccer were told their seasons would get postponed until the spring. On the other hand, spring sports such as baseball and softball were forced to suspend the remaining month or so of their fall practices. 

Baseball’s first practice of the spring was held on Jan. 23. Coaches and players are set to compete in a season full of surprises this year regarding the COVID-19 guidelines. 

Head Coach Chris Duty embraces the excitement of returning to the diamond with his team. 

Photo by: Nick Chuisano

“I’m excited about our first three days on the field. Coaches are providing great practice,” said Coach Duty. “Players are focused and energy is high; it is going to be a fun year if we come together with the deep talent we have.”

The coaching staff has prepared a practice plan for their players in order to get them ready for the season in a month. They have been waiting almost a year to get back on the field and face an opponent. 

Senior business major Logan Barbour is grateful for the university overcoming the obstacles and letting their student-athletes play their seasons, especially for their seniors. 

“I’m excited to get back out on the field with my boys and go to work,” said Barbour. “We have an unbelievably talented team and I am beyond privileged to play with all of them. Playing with a group of guys like we have makes my senior year way more special.”

The Peace Pacers first matchup is slated against Methodist on February 20th. Coach Duty and his squad hope to be ready for whatever this season has in store for them. The group of guys that are out on the field grinding has one final goal and that is to win the National Championship.