Joe Biden Reverses Trump Administration Policies

By Simeon McFarland

About a month into the Biden Administration Joe has not been wasting anytime coming into office re-working many of the policies under the Trump administration via Executive Order. 

Conservatives have been calling some of these policy reversals as the opposite of “unity,” Biden’s campaign has been all about the word unity. 

Many liberals however have been applauding Joe Biden’s policies. Whether you are liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, some of these policies may seem skeptical. 

What are some of the Trump Policies that Joe Biden reversed? Well Lets see:

Refusing opportunity of Military Service if seeking Gender reassignment surgery 

In 2018, then President at the time, Donald Trump, imposed a ban on transgender personnel joining the military while also seeking various medical procedures, such as gender reassignment surgery. The good thing is however, is that now any person can now be enlisted in the United States military, which has gained huge support from those in the L.G.B.T. community as USA Today suggests that the community is becoming “hopeful.”

This would make the person unable to serve in the Military as they are spending most of their time being attended to medically, this was said to cost American taxpayers. It is the same thing if someone has asthma, or needs a lung transplant, they wouldn’t be able to serve in the Military. 

Forbes confirmed that Biden has already reversed the ban and people who are transgender can now serve in the Military regardless of them needing any medical procedures.

Keystone XL Pipeline Production 

After campaigning on a promise to transition into clean and renewable energy, Joe Biden waited no time on cancelling production of the Keystone XL Pipeline, an Oil transfer pipeline system that would transport oil from Canada to Texas. 

President Obama had refused to go forward with production of the Keystone pipeline as Obama was beginning to transition to clean energy, but shortly after Donald Trump came into office he did not hesitate to begin construction on the pipeline, saying it would bring cheaper oil prices to the United States while not relying on oil from the Middle East, and so far it has, according to USInflationCalculator, the average gas prices have been down under Trump compared to Obama.

According to The Hill, reversing this has cost at least 1,000 American temporary jobs, still jobs nonetheless; however, according to the NRDC the Keystone Pipeline would have created more pollution in the environment then do good for the people. Things such as oil leaks and spills would cause harm in drinking water and land. The International Renewable Energy Agency, predicts that going completely green would benefit the United States job market, creating millions of new jobs.

Allowing people who are transgender to participate in Women’s sports

One of the most controversial executive orders that Joe Biden has signed that was under the radar was allowing Non-discrimination within the transgender community, that isn’t the problem, but the order allows transgender people to play in women’s sports. 

The Bill also allows transgender people to use the restroom to the gender they identify as.

The White House website released the full executive order.

Many around the United States are now worried about the biological gap in men and women to have biological men compete in women’s sports, they’re also worried about the bathroom part of the bill being abused by predators trying to get into women’s bathrooms with the sole intention of causing harm.

What do you think of Joe Biden’s policies?