Virtual Start to a New Semester

By Victoria Mims

Doing things virtual is the new “norm” nowadays considering all that is going on around us in regards to the coronavirus. This has been a huge adjustment for many and some are still getting adjusted.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, many colleges decided it was best to do all things virtual for the first two weeks of the semester. This gave students the opportunity to submit their COVID test results and prevent any potential spread on campuses.

William Peace University was one, among the many other colleges that decided it would be best to do all things virtual the first few weeks of classes. Classes will go back to in-person starting Feb. 8.

Many students have different reactions to virtual learning. Some students love it, some are just “okay” with it, and some do not like it at all.

Jonathan Bizzel, a William Peace University senior, believes that it was the best decision for campuses to make. 

“I feel like starting the semester off virtually and requiring testing from students was in the best interest of promoting wellness and ensuring everyone is healthy,” said Bizzel. “This will prevent clusters and having to abruptly switch to virtual in the future.” 

Nicholas Phan, a WPU senior also agrees with Bizzel, but understands that many students find it difficult to learn virtually. 

“Continuing virtually would, I believe, be the best option because it makes things convenient and safe,” said Phan. “Overall though, in regards to learning it makes it difficult for those students who rather be in person.” 

Joley Cabe, WPU sophomore, wishes to return back to in-person learning as virtual learning is not best suited for her.

“I hate virtual classes because I don’t learn online and it’s hard for me to focus too,” said Cabe.  “If I’m in class I learn and focus a lot more.”

Others, like Julia Benitez, WPU junior, have mixed feelings when it comes to virtual learning.

“I have not minded it, I just hope that doesn’t make professors give us more busy work,” said Benitez. “I would like to stay online because it’s convenient sometimes.” 

These are different perspectives in regards to virtual learning and how some students are feeling about it thus far. It’s important for campuses to take into consideration all perspectives and what would best benefit the majority of students, especially in a time like this.

Virtual learning is something that is new for everyone and it will continue to be an adjustment and a learning experience for students, professors, and even parents.