WPU: Covid Testing on Campus

By Christian Chrietzberg

William Peace University has issued Covid-19 testing to see if students have been infected by the virus. There already have been cases on campus in which 6 out of 9 students have tested positive for Covid-19. By receiving this data, WPU has taken immediate action in counteracting the virus.

This precaution included the school sending out emails to the entire student body and said that they would be issuing on every Friday a handful of students would be randomly selected and receive an email on how they should sign up for appointments. Students then would choose what times for their appointment. The only times that the Covid tests will only be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 to 3pm, and choose that specific time.

Photo from https://www.cdc.gov/media/subtopic/images.htm

This was a simple process to do, in general, it should only take about minutes for the student to sign up and to attend the appointment; since it is a get in and get out type of deal; it is a straightforward process. 

Kyle Rooze is a student at WPU who majors in Simulation and Game Design and was selected multiple times to make an appointment for this process. 

 “That it would be his third time making an appointment in order to test for COVID-19. They stick a swab up your nose and they tell you if you test positive or not,” said Rooze. 

In other words, it is just like any other covid test that doctors do but brought to the campus for the students. No payments are required for this test as well; so it is free. Which should bring in more students to participate.

Not only does the student get a free Covid test, but if they do participate in the appointment the student’s name will be put in a selected draw to win a $50 dollar gift card. Each draw will be randomly selected every 3 weeks, and another draw for an additional larger prize.

The prize is supposed to encourage students to attend the appointment so that the school can determine whether or not the student will be able to come to campus. This is for the student’s safety and the teachers. It is also to control the amount of covid that is spreading throughout campus. 

Even though the testing has positives there might be some negatives by taking this test. That is students might be late to a lecture or they might have to leave in the middle of one if you chose an appointment during lecture time. 

It seems that the student would have to make an appointment fast in order to have a decent time that would not interfere with their class times. 

In all this seems like it will do more good than bad since it does ensure the student’s and teacher’s safety, which is the more reason students should sign up for the appointment. Not to mention, there is a prize that gives the lucky student money in the form of a gift card, which allows the student to choose how they spend it. 

In the end, it is the student’s decision on whether or not they want to participate in the test.