Back to “Normal” Operations

By Nick Chuisano

On Feb. 8, 2021, William Peace University allowed its students and staff to return to normal operations. The university notified their faculty and staff whether or not they should go back to in-person, stay virtual, or the alternative of hybrid (which means both in-person and virtual).

Most classes went back to in-person, but some of them thought it was best if they should stay online. Classes with a lot of students in them went to hybrid scheduling. Teachers will organize their students into small groups and they will meet in-person only one time a week and the rest of the classes will be virtual.

Photo by Nick Chuisano

Sophomore biology major and softball player Logan Blackmon are thrilled yet hesitant about returning to the class setting. 

“I’m excited about going back to in-person classes due to my learning style,” said Blackmon. “But I’m also wary about them because I’m afraid an outbreak will jeopardize our softball season.”

Most Peace athletes are dubious about going back to in-person instruction because of another inevitable outbreak of COVID-19. A smaller institution like WPU is at a higher risk for shut down with fewer overall cases. 

Sophomore pre-law major and baseball player Ethan May is in favor of returning to the classroom only if precautionary measures are executed.

“I believe it’s great to return to in-person instruction,” said May. “As long as we all are following protocols to keep ourselves and others safe.”

Returning to in-person classes will allow the students to reinstate their normal learning environment. Online learning is quite different from “regular” learning as it is more independent. 

Junior writing major and Sam Peddycord reflects on virtual instruction and how it has affected his learning experience. 

“This has really affected my academic life because of the entire “online school” factor,” said Peddycord. “It has made things a lot different, while it hasn’t really affected my grades.”

The coronavirus has affected everyone and they all had to change their lives in order to stay safe. Students have adapted to the online learning environment and now they are given the option to return to normalcy.