The Affects of Music

By Jaylen Ward

Music has always been a part of my life since I can remember. Music is very unique; it is a part of everyday lives. Music isn’t one-dimensional, it has many purposes. Music changes each and every day, nothing stays the same because music isn’t one-dimensional, it has many talents.

I believe music has no boundaries. It is just like a person, it grows, transforms, and becomes something that a person allows it to be. The way music can affect me and others are extremely baffling. It’s extremely effective, affecting learning experiences, moods, and even reactions. 

“Music affects my mood,” said Kristian West, a junior here at William Peace. “It can be any mood, it just depends on the tone of the song, the tone change, I change.”

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Any type of music draws some kind of emotional reaction out of a person. Music allows me to cope with things I don’t like discussing. Music relates to my pain that I have experienced or the feelings I want to have during that moment.

“I have a habit of listening to sad music when I’m sad so I can really sit in my feelings and listen to the lyrics to reflect. Also, I feel like whoever is singing definitely can understand what I am going through,” said Alyssa Crowder, a junior here at WPU.

Though there are many moods I may have, music has the effect to correspond to each one. Music does not and has not influenced me to do wrong nor hurt others. Though there are some songs that I listen to that portray that message, it never came to mind to do that. 

“I honestly listen to any genre of music. The one genre I listen to the most is R&B,” said Crowder. “I also listen to rap a lot, alternative soft rock and some jazz. Country music is an honorable mention as well.”

There are two types of reactions which are positive or negative. Positive reactions bring me up and negative reactions bring me down. Music is the access to numerous components in one’s life but can be thought of on an intense level.

“When I am stressed, music helps me cope. It can calm me down when I am feeling anxious or irritated,” said West.

In my world when I am not occupied, music is used every single minute of the day. Music has become a necessity to me. It allows me to hit a vibe that is unexplainable, I know a lot of people that can relate to that.

“Another genre I failed to mention is folk music and bluegrass, I listen to those on occasion, I have a thing for banjos,” said Crowder.

Music is endless with how it is valued around the world. Music is very effective and has all the tools to do so. It does not just consist of a beat and words which creates a song in my perspective.