Must Read Influential Young Adult Books


By Trisa Patel

Authors create stories from a singular concept, believing that real writing comes from raw imagery and definitive illustrations. To build a book page by page, the author decides to implement this identity, which is vital to the basis of the story. The typical reader looks for a novel that may create picture depictions in their mind. 

The primary focus of storytelling is to make an idea a reality. Much time goes into creating the ideal book from the author’s perception.

These are a few top rated books I have had the opportunity to read — the kind of books that are powerful, expressive and most of all lively. The concept of these specific novels share the love we give, the hate we feel, the betrayal we let linger, the happiness we allow to grow, and the sadness that we let consume us. 

Why should you read these three books?

I specifically chose these books because the material is relatable and raw. As individuals we sometimes find it hard to understand the way we feel. Our perspectives change throughout time and reading something that we feel connected to can help us better comprehend our mindsets.

I read these books at a young age and found myself constantly drawn to every line.

When I went back to read each book, my point of view had changed. Reading the same book at age 12 compared to age 18 is drastically different. The novel does not change, but the way we read does.

Young Adult novels are impactful and the importance behind them should be acknowledged. Younger readings should be reminded that the world around them is made just for their individual selves. Through books, readers are able to grow their minds and explore new possibilities.

I hope these three books of impact can help aid in that self discovery process of a young adult.

What are the three impactful books?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower– (224 pgs) This book is a coming-of-age epistolary novel written by Stephen Chbosky.

Charlie has been on the sidelines for most of his life, people see him as awkward, shy, weird and geeky. It all truly began during the summer before the start of freshman year.

He meets two seniors who soon change his perspective on life, Sam and her stepbrother, Patrick both aid in this newfound hope Charlie uncovers.

His first year of high school brings in friendship, his first love, trauma, and the true meaning of life.

On this journey of finding himself, Charlie is shattered by experiencing all there is in this world.

Charlie begins to find the joys of being honest with himself.

This book expands the idea of accepting others and realizing how painful life can be when people are mistreated. High school for many students can be tough, but for Charlie it is just the beginning to self independence and discovery.

All The Bright Places– (388 pgs) This is a fiction novel written by Jennifer Niven.

Violet Markey is known to be a popular girl in her high school compared to Theodore Finch who is seen as a social outcast.

They both cross paths when they find themselves about to jump out of a window at the same time. Violet is currently coping with the death of her sister, while Theodore deals with his own inner demons.

Both characters feel like dying every day. They are paired up to work on a history project together, and decide to go on a few trips.

As time progresses they find themselves falling in love with one another. Two damaged teens explore this ugly world together.

Theodore seems to help Violet while he progressively gets worse.

This book tackles the idea of how it is hard for two mentally ill people to help one another. It is hard to portray this life as easy and well, this book exemplifies just how the downfall of people can create another blossoming in the next life.

A Walk to Remember– (256 pgs) This fiction novel is written by Nicholas Sparks.

Landon Carter is a senior in high school at the town of Morehead City in Beaufort, North Carolina.

He is the type of individual to be rebellious and defiant. Jamie Sullivan is a religiously driven, faithful, intelligent girl, who Landon finds himself oddly drawn to.

As he begins to spend more time with Jamie, Landon grows to become a better person.

This connection he feels towards Jamie is hidden, no one truly knows how he feels about her. The time he spends with her changes the way he views his role as an individual.

Both characters seem to face many internal conflictions. Jamie reserves herself and chooses to keep certain things from Landon. Jamie feels that by not telling him the truth about her it will prevent him from being angry with the world.

Overall this impacts their relationship and he questions what they could be in the future. This novel highlights many issues humans face physically. In relation to suffering and pain, it is hard to mend with the difficulties of loving someone we can not have.