Curating fall coziness

Happy Fall, Y'all!

As the leaves begin to fall down, the season of fall is coming closer and closer. ‘Tis the season of sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, “Spooky Scary Skeletons”, Thanksgiving dinner, and what leads us into Christmas and endless Hallmark rom- coms. 

To get into the feeling of fall, perhaps you will put on your favorite flannel, or you will celebrate your favorite holiday, Halloween. Maybe you will go apple picking or dance in your room to a Frank Sintra song. Whatever it is, some members of our Peace community are ready for fall and ready to help you get into the mood. 



To create a fall ambiance, some students suggested soundtracks from films such as Twilight, Harry Potter, and Charlie Brown. Other students suggested ghoulish classics like “This Is Halloween” and “Monster Mash.” Some Pacers preferred more mainstream music from artists such as The 1975, Foster the People and Pierce the Veil. 

Megan Clark, a senior art administration major, is a die-hard Taylor Swift fan who has an album for each season. She says that Red is dedicated to fall. 

“I guess it’s mainly because of the song ‘All Too Well.’ That song just screams fall,” Clark said,  “And from that song, that season has just become associated to the album. The fandom as a whole has claimed the album under fall.” 


Movies and TV Shows:
After curating an ambiance, it’s time to watch some autumn media. The most popular movie of choice was It’s The Great Big Pumpkin, Charlie Brown followed by Walt Disney Pictures’ Hocus Pocus. Other favorites included Halloweentown, any film in the Harry Potter saga, and Marley and Me. 

Mary-Margret Hana, a senior English and musical theatre major, shared her favorite fall movie, When Harry Met Sally.

“I think it’s the perfect fall movie,” said Hana, “Because it introduces all the warm and nostalgic feelings about fall and the holidays leading us into the colder weather.”

Favorites for fall television shows were Gilmore Girls, the holiday episodes of Friends, and also Gravity Falls. Ryan Sabroski, a senior marketing major, shares why he enjoys the animated series. 

“My favorite fall tv show is Gravity Falls which I know is set during the summer but it’s got that nice comfy fall feeling to it,” Sabroski said, “Plus it’s got spooky stuff and that’s Halloween which is fall.”


Festivities and Feasts: 

Now comes the time to immerse yourself into fall by partaking in some festive fall activities and traditions. A handful of Pacers shared that they enjoy going to apple orchards, watching the leaves change color and jumping into a fresh raked  pile, and decorating with their friends and family.

Many students said they enjoy going to pumpkin patches. A few students, including Jordan Davis, a senior anthropology major, added to the list of pumpkin activities by sharing that she enjoys pumpkin carving.

“Not really any special tradition or memory,” Davis said, “We just do it every year and it is like my favorite time with my family.” 

Speaking of pumpkins, the squash was also a fan favorite in the food department. From pancakes to lattes, bread to rolls,  pies to cookies and soups, there is no shortage of student’s favorite pumpkin picks. In the words of Clark “Any and all pumpkin!”

Some Pacers favored apple pie and cider, while others preferred a sweeter treat like candy corn and Pillsbury sugar cookies

Students Enjoy The Cooler Weather on Campus. Photo by Emily Freer.

Fall can make you feel “cozy and happy” in the words of Christina Valentic, a senior criminal justice major. Or perhaps in the words of Jasmine Wilkins, a senior simulation game design major, “like a cool breeze.” 

It can “excite you for change” as Brian Martinez, a junior theatre major says. 

It is an opportunity to discover a new movie, song, tradition or snack. Fall also gives new opportunities to interact with the campus community. Soccer and volleyball are currently in season, with more sports around the corner. Click here to follow their Instagram and stay up to date on games.  The WPU theatre department presents The Wolves and Working. Click here for ticket information. Lastly, the Division of Student Life, Student Government and Programming Association, and other Registered Student Organizations will be hosting events throughout the fall. Click here to follow their Instagram to be informed of upcoming events.