Paint and Sip for mental health

Paint and Sip

By Heather Spataro

Paint and Sip was a William Peace University event put on by the Student Government Association to help encourage good mental health strategies while having fun.

The event took place on Sept. 23 and lasted from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The Flowe 110 lecture hall was transformed into an art studio as dozens of canvases were spread out for the arriving students.

Wine & Design came out to show students how to create a beautiful sunset in the mountains. Students were allowed to go off book if they wanted to or follow along to the tutorial of the instructor. Students were given three different paint brush sizes and an array of different colors to work with. 

The instructors showed off how to blend properly and how to create different lighting effects on a two dimensional canvas, so the painting looked three dimensional. They also went at a comfortable pace, so slow artists would not feel rushed and fast workers would not be bored.

Peace also supplied the students with delicious BBQ sliders, baked goods, and beverages.

While the event was focused on letting students enjoy a relaxed environment, the Student Government Association was really trying to highlight student’s mental health.

“Right now we are starting to see an increase in students that are really struggling with their mental health and art therapy is something that is accessible to a lot of students,” said Stephanie Tate, Student Support Coordinator. 

With things like Covid, school, social, and home life issues, students are currently facing a lot of stressors and the Student Government Association wants to make sure that the students are getting programs that support them.

Stephanie Tate explains that, “The great thing about these events is that they are planned by students, for students and they are planned utilizing student fee dollars”.

William Peace University wants to make sure that students are getting the events they want because the students are the ones paying for them. The Student Government Association wants individuals at Peace to feel acknowledged and seen.

“I just love for more people to, you know, try the events out, come to the events, see what they’re about. Because it’s not just you know, fun, empty events, advocacy is very important to us. Whether that’s advocacy for mental health or just the student body in general” says Alyssa Crowder, Senior Class Representative. 

In order to see or create more fun events such as Paint and Sip, students should voice their opinions to the Student Government representatives. They would love to hear about student ideas for future events.

As for Wine and Design, there is a studio in Raleigh that students can go to if they missed out on this event. The company does a magnitude of different programs from hosting birthday parties to fun classes anyone can attend.

If school gets too overwhelming, try a creative outlet like  listening to music or simply sketching. It might make a world of a difference if one focuses on something more relaxing.