Five Inches in Raleigh? Snow Way!


By Dezarae Churchill

North Carolina is famous for Krispy Kreme donuts, being the birthplace of Pepsi, and being the first in flight. Arguably, one of its most alluring qualities is the temperate weather and the ability for residents to enjoy all four seasons.

Weather advisories radiate through the winter months, but North Carolina is less equipped to deal with extreme weather conditions than northern states.

During the evening of Jan. 21 to Saturday morning, the Raleigh area was rattled by the winter storm, Izzy. The triangle averaged a total of three inches, causing more than 500 delayed flights and 100,000 power outages. Residence Halls at WPU lost power from approximately 12:43 pm to 2:50 pm on Jan. 22.

This amount of snowfall is unusual, as North Carolina typically averages five inches throughout the entire season.

For some, the idea of snow is a winter wonderland, while others dread its arrival and fall into a full-steam panic.

For most of us, winter weather can be an unexpected day at home. We are able to enjoy time with our families, build snowmen, and have snowball fights.

Mary Margaret Hanna, a WPU English and musical theatre senior, is a Raleigh native and hopes she doesn’t see much more snow in 2022.

On Friday, Jan. 21, she left campus early to be at home when the snow was scheduled to fall. With no plans to travel for the next few days, she enjoyed the time spent with her family.

“My mom was worried the power was going to go out, and she saved charcuterie from Christmas. She set up two big boards. We ate salami, crackers, and played cards, which was really nice,” said Hanna. 

Regardless if this is your first winter in North Carolina, or you are a Raleigh native, it is unlikely you are unfamiliar with the ‘Snowpocalypse’ of 2000. 

On the twenty-second anniversary, Chief Meteorologist Chris Hohmann reflects in an interview with ABC on the worst snowstorm Raleigh has ever experienced. On January 24, 2000, the Triangle area averaged 23 inches of snow.

“The January 2000 snowstorm was not only one of the worst in North Carolina history, it was also one of the most poorly forecasted snowstorms,” said Hohmann.

The memory of this storm permeates through the memories of North Carolina residents. We often become the center of memes and the laughing stock of the internet while the threat of snow creates empty grocery shelves.

The threat of icy roads shouldn’t send you into a panic, but it is important to be prepared.

The Red Cross suggests having a three-day supply of water, non-perishable food items, and pet supplies. Candles and flashlights are recommended for possible power outages. Beyond that, it alludes to panic buying and hoarding.

While Hanna isn’t a fan of the cold weather, it was nice to have an unforeseen free day.
WPU has decided against remote learning for inclement weather, and most of the students on campus were grateful for that. 

 Hanna’s best advice for anyone experiencing their first bouts of winter weather is to make sure to wear waterproof shoes. A winter wonderland can turn into a frozen hellscape if ill-equipped.

It is important to be aware of winter weather advisories, take heed to warnings of unsafe driving conditions and stay at home whenever possible. 

Whether you are someone who enjoys wintery wonders, or someone who fantasizes about sun-soaked beaches it is always important to be prepared for inclement weather.


Contributions from Khalil Tompkins
Photo Compilation from The Peace Times Staff