Poetic Vibes


By Ben Maske

William Peace University is home to various clubs and campus communities.  Our university’s book club is the DEI Book Club.

WPU’s book club has been around for a long time and has lots of loyal members.  Members of the club meet together every week to discuss featured books and campus events.

The club reads books relevant to current events, to promote community engagement on important topics.   

February is Black History month, and the club read a book related to African American history in the US.

Students are encouraged to read the assigned books the club picked for the month, but students can also read other books that are related to that same subject if they feel it brings a conversation starter to their meeting.

The books the club picked for this month were “If They Come For Us” by Fatimah Asghar, “Such a Fan” by Kiley Reid, and “Minor Feelings” by Kathy Park Hong. 

Club members sit down and discuss important talking points of the stories they read.

Photo courtesy of WPU Track and Cross Country Instagram

WPU’s poetry club meets randomly to discuss their work, and plan events. 

On Wednesday, February 14th, a poetry slam was held on the second floor of Finch Library.  The event was from 5pm – 6pm. This provided students a space to share original poetry, and collaborate with fellow artists.

WPU sophomore Anthropology major and poetry club member, Jasanee Killins finds belonging in the club.

Some of my favorite things about WPU’s Poetry Club is the openness. No matter what the subject matter is, or how I may feel about particular themes or issues, I am free to explore them as much as I like through my poetry,” said Killins.

Members can freely express themselves while partaking in poetry slams.  

I also enjoy that we are also able to choose how we go about our role(s) within the poetry slams, be it physical performances or virtual. It’s very efficient,”  said Killins. 

Poetry slams at WPU are ways for members to expand on campus relationships, learn new things, and build a community for future students.

Both WPU’s book club and poetry club provide many opportunities for students to improve their college experience at all levels.

All WPU students are welcome to join these clubs.  All one must do is show up to the meetings on time and be prepared for engaging conversations.