Pacing Towards Sustainability

By Emily Freer

Members of the Green Team after their campus cleanup event. Photo by Emily Freer


Higher ocean tides, increases in C02 levels, and melting of ice caps, are all consequences that we’re facing due to our lack of care for Earth. As members of society, it’s our responsibility to take care of the planet that we exhibit. 

Members of the WPU community recognize how their actions negatively impact the Earth’s stance. However, they’re now recognizing why they should care about the environment.

Why do Pacers care about the environment? 

  • “So my pup can live a happy life when I let him outside.” – Ben Heacox, senior pre-law major.
  • “It is our responsibility to manage what is ours.” – David Suarez, Admissions Counselor. 
  • “Because when I take a mental health walk outside, I want the earth to be clean.” – Landis Lemon, sophomore volleyball player. 
  • “Because once we destroy it, there’s no going back until we all die off and it regenerates.” Bailey Lambertson, senior biology major.
  • “The environment is our home.” – Ryan Sabroski, senior marketing major.

As concerns for the environment become more apparent in our lives every day, so does the call to take climate action.

Sabroski is the secretary for William Peace University’s Green Team. According to PacerEngage, The Green Team’s purpose is to “educate and encourage students to live a sustainable and environmentally conscious life at Peace and within the Raleigh community.”

“I joined Green Team to help take care of our home and to spread awareness about how others can help,” says Sabroski.

Green Team hosts events on campus and off-campus. Recently, they hosted a campus-wide spring cleaning drive and are planning their Earth Day celebration next. Previously, they have gone into the community to participate in Global Climate Strike Day and work at Raleigh City Farm.

Davyous Melvin, a senior musical theatre major, began the Green Team during his sophomore year. He wanted to start an organization here because we had not had one yet and wanted to continue his environmental work from high school.

“I care about having a future where I can live and thrive without having microplastics in my bloodstream,” says Melvin, “Also animals are endangered so it’s pretty important to preserve life.”

Ready to take climate action? Here are some tips for students pacing towards sustainability: 

  • Make one sustainable swap: rather than using plastic water bottles, invest in a nice, reusable water bottle. It will also save you money over time!
  • Utilize the 7 R’s: Although there is a major emphasis on the saying “reduce, reuse, recycle,” there are actually four more words that are vital to sustainability. The other four are rethink, refuse, repurpose and rot.
  • Be Informed: Take the time to research what are pressing environmental issues in your community, in your world, and in your life. The more you know, the more you can share. 
  • Contact your representatives/large corporations: Along with being informed, take action by contacting your representatives about the policies they are working on. You can also write to large corporations who have a major environmental impact.  
  • Get involved on campus: Join Green Team, follow them on Instagram, and engage with the local community!