Gaming Just Got More Accessible at WPU

WPU Game Room

By Angel Sutton

Who doesn’t want a good break to relax and wind down after a busy day? As growing adults, what’s more of a time killer than video games? What happens when we keep neglecting time for ourselves? How does gaming affect mental health? Where can you play video games if you don’t have a system for yourself? 

These questions are about to be answered. 

The game room that is located just through the doors of Belk dining hall has been renovated. If you love gaming and don’t have a system for yourself, whether you live on campus or not, there’s now an alternative to still enjoy the experience. The consoles available accommodate both Xbox and Sony players. There is a Playstation 5 available for use and an Xbox Series X, as well as comfortable seats to relax in and kick back in as you play your favorite games on a big TV screen. 

The speakers with the TVs also enhance the gaming experience so you can hear everything at high quality. There’s a dimmer switch if you want to make your gaming experience calmer or more intense with lighting. Even if you’re not into gaming, you can still enjoy the peace and alleviate from all the stress of the day.

It’s always good to take out time for yourself. If you don’t take a break during the day you can burn yourself out, go into depression, feel stress, or experience other problems affecting your mental health. Taking care of yourself as a whole and looking after your mental help can be beneficial to a person now, and later on in life. Whether you have 10 minutes to spare or an hour, any time for yourself is better than no time at all.

Gaming affects your mental health in a positive way. Depending on what type of games a person plays, it always causes you to think. Dr. Dan Brennan has stated how beneficial gaming is to mental health recovery, as well as other things. “Video games can act as distractions from pain and psychological trauma,” he wrote in a WebMD article, noting that they can “also help people who are dealing with mental disorders like anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).”

It was also mentioned that even online gaming helps people interact and be more social. Some would have negative opinions about online interactions because it’s not like meeting people in person. Others would defend the online alternative because they are still indeed talking to real people; it’s just not a face-to-face interaction as some would prefer. 

Video games will always have their pros and cons from people, but it always depends on what a person likes to play that is a factor. Studies still show that video games are very beneficial to mental health and if reading isn’t a person’s strong point, video games will definitely intrigue a crowd faster than any other activity.

WPU Game Room taken by Angel Sutton