The Metaverse Is Coming, How Will It Affect You?

person holding phone with Facebook open

By Travion Jones

In a time where technology is forever growing and changing, many are creating ways to live beyond our physical reality via everyday devices. 

The talk of a universe beyond this physical plane has been a conversation starter for years – one where we can see and go anywhere without the limitations of time and space constraints.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Meta (Facebook), has been the one to boast the idea of a Metaverse. He, along with other tech giants, believe that it is the future of our economy. 

¨The metaverse is a spectacular concept which has the potential to bring social interactions to virtual platforms and connect people back together in a way that has unfortunately been somewhat lost over the recent years,” said Brandon Crews, assistant professor of simulation and game design. 

What is the Metaverse?

In the metaverse, you can be standing in your living room physically, but engaging in a world market in Taiwan virtually. 

According to Wired Magazine, The Metaverse is essentially a virtual reality where people can buy, sell, and create goods in a digital economy.

Users would also be able to traverse the globe and communicate with others in different parts of the world. Everyone with a smartphone will have access to the Metaverse.   It can be accessed through phone, PC, virtual reality (VR) headsets and augmented reality (AR) devices. 

Why the Metaverse is Important to Business

With the Metaverse coming to fruition, businesses and brands have made advancements to incorporate themselves into the metaverse. 

Ariana Grande was created as an avatar in Fortnite, and she held a concert in a virtual world on Aug. 6, 2021.   This allowed for fans from all over the globe to join in. 

She made millions from the sale of virtual goods such as gaming skins that followed in the steps of Disney, Gucci, and the MLB.  

What people think about the coming Metaverse

Roger Christman, communications and SGD chair, believes the Metaverse is the beginning of a new reality.

“We are in just the very, very infancy of where we’re going with this,” said Christman. “The metaverse will be something that is going to explode dramatically.” 

SGD assistant professor, Brandon Crews is excited for the metaverse. With the usage of 3D visuals there are endless possibilities of interactions within the new world.

“Connecting successful processes from social media platforms and interactive video games will be the key to broader audiences finding enjoyment in what will be a metaverse,” said Crews.“I predict there will be several iterations of what will be referred to as the metaverse similar to social media and other entertainment outlets that will then form one cohesive and enjoyable experience within a virtual world.”

Many believe the Metaverse is the future of community and technology. However, there are countless critics who describe the Metaverse as a place for one to escape and never return. 

Until it officially arrives no one will know the true impact of the Metaverse.