Inflation Impacts College Students

gas pump and sign with price of $3.39 a gallon

By Kameesha Pascoe

Being a college student and a witnessing recent global events leads many to question if the world may be coming to an end. Fortunately, the world is far from ending, but those deeply impacted by the effects of inflation are struggling to make ends meet. 

Citizens across the country are struggling to maintain a level of comfort in their lives as prices for everyday items like gas and food soar. College students are no exception. 

Barbara Castro, William Peace University sophomore sports fitness and exercise science major, has been juggling priorities, because the economic strain of being a college student with a limited income and high inflation is exhausting.

“I feel that inflation honestly hurts everyone, except the rich, especially us middle class people,” said Castro. “As a working class person, we don’t make as much to equal how fast the prices are going up. It elevates stress.”

Inflation is the increase of prices of goods and services in the economy. The increase in prices impact lower and middle class mentalities. It can also lower people’s self esteem, and make everyday living feel like a challenge. 

Myla Barnes is a senior biology major at WPU and is struggling to survive in today’s economic crisis.

“It has impacted me tremendously, with tuition being at a sky high, trying to afford the little things, such as groceries, gas and bills. It becomes hard to want to keep having to work seven days a week to be able to afford things,” said Barnes.

She believes people will choose to lower their engagement within the economy because they can’t afford to out and spend. Many millennials are choosing not to have children because they are not able to afford the lifestyles they think they deserve. Myla struggles to support herself, and feels disheartened.

“People are not willing to pay people for hard labor, or any job,” said Barnes. “I feel it’s sad, and a change needs to happen.”