Meet strength coach Frasieris

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By Todd Shorts 

Rebecca Frasieris is the new strength and conditioning coach at William Peace University. She went to Barton College for her undergrad and her master’s degrees, and has played soccer and lacrosse. She is from Virginia, seven five seven areas, so she was always by the beach. She also enjoys surfing and snowboarding.

What made you want to be a strength & conditioning coach? 

Well, I got into it in high school because I was always playing multiple sports. I realized I couldn’t practice for all these sports, so I needed to figure out something that could help me improve at all my sports. So I got a strength coach and realized that my game had gone up so much I was getting all these scholarship offers. I was All-state. All these things were happening because of strength and conditioning. So I kind of fell in love with it. And I thought it was just like the coolest thing. 

So what was your favorite sport to play growing up?

Basketball, because it was always fast-paced. I enjoyed it. I was short. So I felt like an underdog whenever I was playing. So I just enjoyed it. It was the most entertaining. 

So why did you take this position at Peace? 

Steven Capehart. My old professor from Barton reached out to me, talking about the opportunity. I wanted to get back into college athletics because I was out of it for a bit, but once I was at the campus and all the people and all the students, I realized it was a good place to come to. It was just the energy, the people, and the athletes.

What are some goals you want to accomplish at Peace?

I want teams to have winning seasons. I tried to turn them around. I want there to be more structure with the weight facilities. I’m the only strength coach in the conference. So I want this to be the best strength stuff that we have working for myself and adding other people at some point to make it more of a thing going on.

Who’s your favorite sports team or athlete? 

My favorite sports team was the Redskins. Although I don’t really have one. 

So what’s your favorite workout or exercise you enjoy doing?

Deadlift or back squat.

What’s your favorite song to listen to while working out? 

El Chapo.

What sport do you look forward to working with the most? 

I have to say all of them. I am looking forward to working with all of them. There’s not a single one that sticks out. I’m just happy about having the chance to work with them.