Week in Review: Valentine’s Day

Phantom the Pacer handing out heart shaped balloon to student during lunch.

By Mitch Baddour

Raleigh, NC:  Love was in the air at William Peace University! This past week SGPA at William Peace University has held many events to get you in the Valentine’s Day spirit. The celebrations began on February 8th with the “Love-de-Licious” event and stretched to Valentine’s Day, with the courtyard filled with excitement for the “Build-a-buddy” event. 

The sophomore class had an event based on a game show where they had the opportunity to team up with someone special and compete to win fun prizes. ‘Sophomores in Love’ was held Feb. 13 and was planned by the Sophomore class representative, Alyssa Poteat. The game was a ‘who knows their partner the most’ style game where the contestants had to answer questions about their partner.

Having events such as these are crucial to the student body. It offers a moment of mental relief during a challenging time of the year for some. 

Senior Kiera Williams touched on this by saying, “It’s pretty sad for an individual who might not have someone in their life right now, but it’s always great to give someone an alternative to take their mind off the difficult things.” 

For others, the challenge comes with not being with your significant other on the special day. Kam Ballance, a senior, spoke on this difficulty by saying, “The on-campus events make me think about my fiance while we’re at different schools and get me excited for the day to end so I can visit her and bring her the gifts I gathered at the events.”

Whether single or in a happy relationship, SGPA had something for you during Valentine’s Day events. If you couldn’t attend an event on this occasion, mark your calendars for the next event coming in early march.