Student hot takes on food


By David Moore

Do you prefer cake or pie?

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Is cereal soup?

Is it OK for pineapple to be on pizza?

These hot takes on food items are a common conversation topic online and elsewhere. With these questions in mind, I sent out a survey for people to answer them, and the results were quite varied.

Want to weigh in? Take the survey yourself.

Of the 19 people responded to the survey, there were two freshmen, three sophomores, seven juniors, six seniors, and one professor.

When it comes to preferring cake or pie, 52.6% of the respondents replied cake, while 42.1% replied pie, and 5.3% replied neither.

“Cake is too sweet. I like fruit pies,” added Samantha Kelbaugh, a pre-law sophomore who chose pies.

When it comes to whether a hot dog should be considered a sandwich, 63.2% of the respondents replied yes, while the other 36.8% said no. There were several respondents who had additional comments on why a hot dog is a sandwich.


“It’s got bread and something in between,” said Victoria Williams, a junior majoring in marketing. “A sandwich.”

Senior JC Cepeda, who is also majoring in marketing, had a similar argument.

“You’re putting meat in between a piece of bread,” said Cepeda.

When it comes to whether cereal should be considered a soup, 84.2% responded no, while 15.8% responded yes.


“It depends on the milk and cereal ratio,” said sophomore communications and simulation & game design major Jacob Trump.

When it comes to whether pineapple can be ok on pizza, 73.7% said yes, 15.8% strongly agreed so, and 26.3% said no. This is considered to be one of the hottest food takes in history, and many still argue about it to this day.


“The sweet of the pineapple is great,” said Kelbaugh.

Cora Rebert was not such a fan.

“I won’t eat the pizza, but it is ok for others to eat it,” said Rebert, a sophomore.

Others felt more strongly.

“This is the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed,” said senior sport and fitness studies major Joley Cabe.

The survey also asked for additional hot takes were given by some of the respondents. Here is a sampling of the results: 

  • “Ketchup is a tomato smoothie,” stated junior SGD major Emmarose Boylan.
  • “Tomatoes on sandwiches is good,” said Trump.
  • “Ketchup with pizza,” said freshman ESS major Nivia King.

At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their own opinions on food, and with that, no opinion on food can be right or wrong. Except for pineapple on pizza. It’s good, I promise, try it!

Staff photo of cake slices at Anisette Sweet Shop by Michelle Porizkova