Survey reveals new data about campus study spots


By Noah Jimison

Peace students like studying in the library but some find it distracting, according to a recent survey. 

Twenty people responded to the informal survey; 60 percent study on campus and 40 percent study off campus. 

The places people would study at if on campus were between their dorm room/apartment, finch library, bingham lawn and library/belk courtyard. Half of people chose Finch library, due to the space available to find a good spot to study. 

“I focus the best at the library so it’s been helpful to keep me on track,” said Chase Crook. 

Many people who took the survey said things about studying in the library, such as the noise Making it hard to concentrate. 

“I personally find it distracting,” said Connor Bryant, who responded to the survey. ”I like to study away from people so I stay focused.”

Several people who took the survey said others are being loud in the library, meaning that while students are trying to study it is difficult for them to concentrate. 

An example would be studying at your home in a room by yourself. That way people can be in a quiet space and get everything done without distraction. 

Dorm room was at 28 percent, with the second most amount of votes. This is because of the privacy of your dorm room and having space to study without distractions. Bingham Lawn was mentioned as a place to study when the weather is nice outside.

The hammocks in Bingham lawn are a very popular place where people go to study when the weather is warm, though it did have the least amount of votes, because it isn’t the best place year round due to being outdoors. 

“The campus is very pretty so you can’t go wrong with any place you go to study. But I personally love studying and doing homework on campus,” said Hannah Lewis. 

For people that study off campus, most would study at their apartment, and a few at a coffee shop with booths to study at, and since it is a quiet and secluded atmosphere

The survey also asked how many hours students study before an exam. A majority of respondents (55%) said they study 1-2 hours the day before an exam. 30 percent chose 2-4 hours and 15 percent chose 0-1 hours. Most people study 1-2 hours the day before an exam, that way they have time to relax and do their other activities during the day, such as work or practice. 

Lastly, on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest score, based on their opinions of studying on campus, 47 percent of people chose 4. Thirty-six choose 3, 15 choose 1, and 5 choose 2.

The majority of people said that they like studying on campus, because of the comfort of being on campus, being very close to the library and classrooms as if being in your dorm room.