Pacers find their purpose

P@P 7

By Caleb Clendenning

William Peace University hosted their seventh annual Purpose @ Peace Event where students who attended got to speak with future employers, university faculty, learn about potential internships, and connect with students’ clubs and organizations.

Students explored majors with representative from academic departments and connect with clubs or other activities. Campus partners such as residence life had booths, along with community partners such as the YMCA, which has provided both internships and part-time jobs to students Peace.

Not only did students get the speak with advisors, professors and faculty, they also got the opportunity to speak with WPU President Dr. Brian Ralph, who attended the event.

“This not only gives our students the opportunity to see all of our resources on campus, but also a lot of different community organizations,” Ralph said. “We really believe students who are engaged on and off campus are the ones who are going to be the most successful.”