KBS Cup 2 rockets to Peace


By Elijah Horman

Jeers could be heard as the competitors peeled around the bends at speed — woos and boos as one racer overtook another, got blasted with a powder cannon, or spun out completely. The race was as high octane as Peace hosted the KBS Cup 2023.

The event was held on the morning on Sept. 30, with local radio station 101.5 FM holding the competition. Some crowd favorite radio hosts competed, wearing costumes of famous Nintendo characters Mario, Luigi and Peach as they tore around a small track in adult sized tricycles.

Competitors included all members of the 101.5 FM staff like Sarah King, captain of team Peach, the previous KBS cup winner. Brian Lord was captain of team Luigi and Kyle Smelser was captain of team Mario.

The competition was a best 3 out of 5 style with rounds consisting of 3 laps around the track while being berated by bubbles, water balloons and powder cannons.

Phantom served as the race starter and ender. In round 1 the race was riveting through lap 1 with a tight race between team Luigi and Peach. After the first lap, however, a major spinout from team Peach led to Luigi pulling away. Mario was dead last from the beginning.

“Mario, What the hell!?” said Chris Edge, host of the event.

This came after Mario not only managed to place last in round 1, but also every consecutive round by a distance of no less than 10 seconds. In fact, the placements in round 1 remained consistent throughout the remainder of the contest with team Luigi leading a clean sweep, team Peach in second and team Mario in a distant third.