On vs. off campus living


By Caleb Clendenning

With the Raleigh area growing rapidly, there are many new developments and options for college students to live all across the city. 

Students at William Peace University have two main options: living on campus or being a commuter and living off campus.

“My time living on campus allowed me to make connections and be more immersed in the WPU community,” said Vian Villa, a senior at WPU. 

Villa lived in Ross Residence Hall during his freshman year. Along with Ross, WPU offers four other residence halls –  Bingham, Finely, Davidson, and Main – as well Village Green Apartments. Students at WPU are required to live for at least three years on campus or can request to be a commuter. 

Ross, Main, Finely and Davidson provide the classic dorm living space with sizes ranging from 12 x 9 to 19 x 14, with single room or double room options available. Bingham provides a cottage style living space, with the bedroom space being around the same sizes as the other dorms, but does provide a kitchen and living room space for residents.

The final on-campus option is Village Green Apartments. Located right off of Lake Wheeler Road, the complex is not actually on campus, but is funded through the school. The apartment is a three-bedroom furnished apartment and comes with parking for residents, a pool and a gym. 

Living on campus allows students to stay engaged with campus life and events, helping them dig deeper into a sense of community at WPU. 

Although WPU offers plenty of options for on campus housing, the Raleigh area presents many off campus opportunities for our student body. 


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These housing options can present new opportunities for  WPU students as they are mixed in with other students from NC State University and Meredith College. 

This mix of university students and amenities offered by these housing options make for an exciting experience for all students. 

While there are many off campus options for students across Raleigh, two major ones that students from all universities enjoy are The Station and 1820 at Centennial. Both of these options provide a townhome style with a majority population of college students.  

The Station is located right next the NC State Biomedical Centennial Campus right off of Blue Ridge Road and has amenities such as a pool, gym and outdoor basketball courts. The Station also offers the option of a furnished apartment or non furnished.  

It is also right next to Carter Finley Stadium and PNC Arena, along with the NC State Fair that happens every year in October.   

All of these features make a great sporting and entertainment environment for college students.

“I lived at The Station last year and it really allowed me to connect with more people outside of WPU,” said Clay Whitehurst, a senior at WPU. “Outside of all the friendships I made, the location of it was also perfect. Canes games were only a half mile walk from my apartment.”

1820 at Centennial is a recent development in the Raleigh area located off of Trailwood Drive right next to NC State’s main and Centennial Campuses. While 1820 at Centennial is slightly smaller than The Station, it still provides the townhome style build.  

 “I enjoy the smaller community here, I do wish it had more amenities,” said Jacob Allen, a junior at NC State. “With the smaller property build you really get to know everyone living there, and its close to campus which is a plus.”

While Raleigh offers a vast amount of living options for WPU students, it is up to the students themselves to see which living situation fits best for them.