Slithering fun at Snake Day

Snake Day 7

By  Caleb Clendenning

Snakes on a Plane?

More like snakes on Pacers as students who were brave enough welcomed these slithering creatures on Snake Day 2023. Snake Day at William Peace University  gave students the opportunity to learn and bond with these friendly creatures.

The event was hosted on Oct. 30 by Dr. Patrick Myer who breeds snakes and brought in a selection of them for students to hold.

Designer snakes including corn snakes are distinct in their movements. All of the snakes were brought by Myers and carried in pillowcases because they can’t see very well, it keeps them calm from freaking out. 

One of the snakes brought in by Myer was a peppercorn snake.  Meyers sends the babies down to Louisiana so they can be re-released back into the wild. They’re bigger snakes and eat things like squirrels.

“If they lived here there’d be plenty of squirrels for them to eat,” said Myer referring to the WPU campus. 

While many students flock to Snake Day,  some would rather sit it out. Julianna Moreland, a junior at William Peace is one of those students who sat out the event.

“Something about them…I don’t know, there is nothing appealing about a reptile,” said Moreland. She would prefer animals that were cute and cuddly as visitors on campus instead. “Why can’t there be a puppy day?” 

Although some students fear keeps them from attending Snake Day, Myer assures students the snakes are harmless.

“They react more to your reaction to them,” said Myer. 

Contributors: Jakob Galluzzo and  Elizabeth Condall