Strength on show at Dawn of Deadlift

Dawn of the Deadlift Halloween Event-15

By Caleb Clendenning

On Oct. 26 William Peace University’s club Peace Through Strength hosted the Dawn of Deadlift event in the Pacer Performance Center.  All Pacers were invited to the PPC to compete in a powerlifting event to see how much students could deadlift while in their Halloween costume. 

This was the first event hosted by Peace Through Strength, a powerlifting club at WPU and sponsored by Dr. Harold Briscoe that aims to start a new and  welcoming community for all WPU students. 

“It doesn’t matter if you lift 500 lbs. or 100 lbs, you lift what you can and we are here to support and encourage,” said Briscoe. The event had a great turnout with a variety of different costumes from students. 

“Dr. Briscoe is soooo strong, ” said Briscoe after deadlifting 500 lbs. in suspenders. Peace Through Strength going forward plans to host one event a month on campus.