It's sweeping campus: Senioritis

three senior girls smiling for a picture

By Mollie Dameron

Are you a senior who is experiencing any of the following?
-You do not want to go to class
-You have been procrastinating more than usual
-You wear your sweats more than often
-You say, “I’ll wake up early and do it, let’s go out!”
-You are “so over school”
-You come into class late
-You study the night before or day of

If so, you are experiencing symptoms of “senioritis”.

Senioritis is best described as “the decreased motivation toward studies shown by students who are nearing the end of their high school, college and graduate school careers.”

I asked several Peace seniors if they were experiencing senioritis.

“Are you kidding me? I have been experiencing senioritis since the first day of school last semester!,” said Peace senior, Jana Hughes.
“As a Basketball player it has since our season is coming to an end, but as a student it hasn’t due to me still having a load of work ahead of me,” said Peace senior, Becky Davis.
“ I feel like graduation is right around the corner,” said Peace senior Keisha Guilford. “I have been challenged to do the best I can and I am constantly checking my schedule and planner to make sure that I meet all of my deadlines. I look forward to graduating, but also and cautious to see what happens after.”

“That thing has kicked in since sophomore or junior year for me,” said senior Kiki Jones. “But I have toned down more this year.”
Senioritis may have started for you a long time ago, this semester, it may be hard for you to control, or you may be able to overcome it, but if anything, know that you are not the only senior experiencing it; you are not alone!

May 5th, 2012 is right around the corner. Until then, keep up the hard work!

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