Counseling services available to all Peace students

front entrance of ross

College can be stressful.
There are times where you just need to rant and rave to someone.
You just need someone to listen to you.
Meredith Stokke and Whitney Johnson make up the Counseling Services at WPU.
They both have private practices, but each take six hours a week to make their services open, free of charge, to Peace students.
Whitney describes the counseling as “therapeutic services” rather than psychiatric care.
Each session is very individualized to each student to teach students how to cope with their daily stresses.
Both Stokke and Johnson work very closely with Nurse Mari which broadens each student’s individualized therapeutic sessions.
If either see any medical reasons for unneeded stress, Nurse Mari is more than willing to help out.
All it takes is some initial client paperwork and a short discussion on student confidentiality.
If a student needs more than two to three sessions, the student can be referred to an outside practice that will best fit their needs.
Johnson says that they are willing to network with other counselors if a student lives outside of the Raleigh area.
Both are also willing to answer any questions about the counseling process, internships in the psychology field, and their daily routine as a therapist.
The Counseling Services Center is located in the first floor of Ross in rooms 111 and 112.
If you would like to schedule an appointment, you can either schedule online on MyPeace or call either Meredith Stokke at (919) 508.2505 or Whitney Johnson at (919)508.2504

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