Election 2012: Will students hit the polls?

Mary Katherine Voting (Demo)

By Haylee Damato

It’s 2012 and election time is quickly approaching.

Republican hopefuls continue to vie for the nomination, and Obama has begun his re-election campaign for the Democratic Party.
Many college students admit that they do not understand the political process and do not participate in elections.

At Peace, Political Science is one of the University’s top major choices, and many majors say that they are actively following the upcoming presidential election.

Peace junior Mary Katherine Clark said, “The upcoming election is extremely important. Many of the students at Peace will be able to vote this year, and deciding whom to vote for is a very important decision in our lives right now.”

The majority of freshman, sophomores and juniors will be able to participate in voting for a president for the first time this year.

“Voting is a privilege and a responsibility, and should in no way be taken lightly,” said Clark.

Coming from a variety of backgrounds, US citizens naturally seek different qualities in their president, and have different expectations.

“What I look for in a presidential candidate is someone who shares the same morals and values as me,” said Clark. “Also the president needs integrity and he must make his decisions with the country’s best interest in mind.”

In the 2008 presidential election, college students made a suprisingly strong appearance at the polls.

Statistics show youth voter turnout was between 49.3 and 54.5 percent and was a key factor in propelling President Barack Obama to the White House.

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