Simulation and design major added to WPU’s offerings

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By Peace Times Staff

The Board of Trustees and faculty have voted to add a simulation and game design major to Peace’s offerings. This major will be available to students beginning in the Fall 2012 semester.

The University says the simulation and game design major has been developed to prepare university graduates for careers in the industry of advanced learning technologies and gaming, which has become a growing industry across the United States, including in the Raleigh-Durham market.

“I think it’s going to be amazing,” said Peace communication major Hannah Owens. “Guys will flock to [the major]. If the school can pull it off, it’s going to be awesome.”

“Pulling it off” seems to be the concern some students have.

“You need graphic design before you can get into game design,” said graphic design major Miles Calloway. “I think it’s funny they got rid of graphic design and now they are introducing this major.”

The simulation and game design major will have nine of its 18 course requirements taught by currently existing university programs, while the other newly incorporated courses will be developed and implemented by appropriate faculty members.

“We are excited to provide current and future William Peace University students with the educational backing needed to become active participants of the gaming workforce and its future development,” said President Debra Townsley.

“We look forward to producing graduates of our program who can meet the needs and careers of the gaming industry locally, as it has become a major economic engine for the Triangle.”

Wake County Economic Development (WCED), a program of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce and the primary economic development organization for Wake County, has recently placed significant interest on enhancing the local emphasis on the gaming industry, which will inevitably lead to increased job growth in the military, healthcare, academic and private industries.

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