Stress and fear hit many soon-to-be graduates

Pencil writing the word stress

By Patty Young

There are about 100 William Peace University graduating seniors this year. But how many of them are scared and excited at the same time? The realization is in full effect for many seniors.

“I am scared to death, and there are about a million things running through my mind every day,” said Rebecca Pilkington a WPU senior. “ I am ready to walk across that stage but without a constant worry that I will find a job.”

It’s the big question on many soon-to-be graduates’ minds – “Will I get a job after I graduate?”  The stress is very real for most seniors. But there are small steps to take in order to get organized for the big day and to help fight the stress of job preparation.

“I would suggest that all seniors get a folder and have a hard copy of all the work they have completed to date if they have not already,” said Dr. Holder, a PR professor at WPU. “With everything going digital now it is still good to have a hard copy of everything you have so you can set aside time every week to work on your portfolio. Also set aside time to do nothing but job hunting and sending resumes out.”

“I did this last year, and still am setting aside time for job searching,” said Sierra Clarke, a new Peace alumna. “I have a marketing job right now and am still continuing applying for other jobs and working on my resume and portfolio. I just applied for a job in London.”

Experts say it is possible for seniors to be celebrating this milestone in their lives instead of stressing out about it.  Students make time every day to go to the gym or to do homework, and preparing for a career should also be added to the list. Treat it like an appointment that you cannot miss, and things could start working out.

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