Alumna takes Peace lessons to the workplace

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Moving away from home and going to college for the first time can cause a person to have many different emotions. Most students look forward to more freedom. Many believe college means parties, late night food runs and fun. But often, students lose sight of the true purpose of going to college.
For Jennifer Leggett, Peace helped her realize what college is all about. She learned valuable life lessons, developed strong friendships, and discovered what a Communication degree can do for someone.
Leggett, a 2005 graduate of Peace College, is now the Marketing Director for two Chick-Fil-A locations in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She says her job has empowered her to do charitable things.
“My career has pushed me to get involved in the community, and I believe that has made me successful,” Leggett said. “My job has allowed me to give back to our soldiers, local food banks, and schools.”
Leggett says Peace taught her to work hard to achieve her goals. Growing up she had, and still has, a strong support system in her mother, and says that her mom has made the biggest impact on who she is as a person.
After coming to Peace, Leggett’s support system expanded with her professors, specifically Roger Christman. She says he taught her how to prioritize things and helped her earn her first job with a corporate video production company in Durham.
With Leggett’s support system, a passion for helping others, and an ambitious mentality, she has become a successful businesswoman.
Overall, Leggett says she had a wonderful experience at Peace. “Mr. Christman also taught me that even in a university setting, the professors care about their students,” she said.
Leggett has some advice for current students. “Pick an internship that really interests you – somewhere you can see yourself working, and work hard to make great contacts.”

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