Rising gas prices affect Peace students

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We see them on the daily basis and we hate them.

Fast-rising gas prices are more than just a nuisance. They are having an effect on many people’s lives, including some college students who can no longer afford to drive home to see their families on a regular basis.

An article on the Forbes website called “Blame Iran and China for rising gas prices” says that gas prices are “12 percent higher than a year ago.” In 2010, gas prices were roughly around $2.77. Today, they are hovering around $3.68. Although prices haven’t reached the United States’ all time high of $3.96 from April 2011, people fear we will be there very soon.

Peace student Patricya Livingston lives in the northern area of Winston-Salem, an hour and 45 minutes away from school. She drives a Suzuki Aerio, a very small and compact car that now costs her $40 to fill up.

“I would like to go home at least once a month, but because of gas prices I just can’t do that,” Livingston said. “I try to Skype my mom once a week until I am forced to leave for break”.

One thing that can be done to make the best of a bad situation is to download a gas price application on your phone such as Gas Buddy, Gas Hog or Fuel Gage, which tells you where the cheapest gas in your area is. Livingston, who downloaded the app on her smart phone, says it’s “very helpful”.

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