Star Wars in 3D: A hit or miss?

star wars (Demo)

The Star Wars movie series is coming to theaters in a 3D version and many fans feel like the constant edits are mildly annoying.
There have been a lot of fan complaints recently, but it doesn’t faze some Star Wars enthusiasts.
“It doesn’t really bother me,” said Chris Lane, a fan who graduates from Wake Tech Community College this year. “They still look good so it don’t matter.”
From minor lighting and graphic changes to the additions of entire scenes, George Lucas, the well-known producer of the Star Wars movies, has opted for many changes as available technology improves.
Some of these edits, however, are more appreciated than others.
“Most of [the changes] are gaudy and annoying,” said Mccale Penven Crew, a long-time Star Wars fan, “like editing Hayden Christianson and that long musical number into Jedi, but there are a couple of graphic and sound updates that were nice.”
Despite these criticisms, Lucas is excited by the prospect of his latest decision.
“Star Wars is one of those films—old films—that was designed for the big screen,” Lucas said in a recent interview. “It makes a big difference to see it on the big screen with the overwhelming sound, the picture and now 3D.”

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